Ioan Sbarciu


Ioan Sbarciu


" Standing up the hill I don’t know how I looked once and it was forever Virgil Mazilescu "



The cinder landscapes, of a sacrificed forest, are a counter-point for the resolute non-figurative chromatics in which balance is set through the vast black of some paintings. It is hard to say which is the proper reading and interpretation. But I believe that Ioan Sbârciu, the artist, is placing the significant marks randomly in order to let us choose, to give us the full responsibility of the interpretative trajectory... He gives each of us our own path, even if he seems to say that it is a way of ashes, of consumed liberties and of dusky responsibilities. We are, of course, guided to think about our forests’ living being’s decimation in the name of an engaged and militant social ethics. But, we are not allowed to forget that, as a creative subject, it is the artist who discovers the multiple registers of the human… As well as, we are not allowed to forget that we are inevitably dual, even by simply evoking the polarity of consciousness and unconsciousness. The cinder forest is such a powerful image because it is an oxymoron uniting the symbol of the savage nature and the one of the dusky remains where the fire consumed the entire vitality, with the symbol of asceticism, cancellation and temperance coming from the creatural feeling. Let’s remember then, that the incineration of the vast European medieval forest by an act of civilizing sacrifice, may question here the mourning which the loss of the spontaneous-savage part of us may, finally, bring in a civilized, tamed context. The meaning is that, as long as the forest is the savage part of us, sacrificing it, transforming it in ashes sets us in front of a monochrome mourning contradicted by chromatics which do not appear from the games and iridescences of light, but from the very blacks and grays. Of course, this is not ash of an apocalyptic fire… Somehow, it would be odd to see how so much ash becomes, due to an extended connotation, the basis of chromatics. It feels like, otherwise absent but a vague promise, the embers of colours would set instead, smoldering remains of fire, inception of ashes.  So it might lead you towards the other depiction of fire, the erotic and sensual one, the one which could explain the incessant presence of colours of life. Would the cinder forest be the moral evocation, if not even religious, of our desires’ holocaust and the subtle-sensual chromatic sparkle, their inextinguishable memory?  

Professor Aurel Codoban Ph.D



9 aprilie 1948 in Feldru, Bistrita-Nasaud, live and works in Cluj Napoca, Romania.

Training and Education

Graduated at Painting Department, Visual Arts Institute „ Ioan Andreescu „ in 1973.


Painter, PHD Professor at the University of Art and Design, Cluj Napoca, Romania

Academic Management

2012 - Present: President of the University of Art and Design Senate Cluj-Napoca, Romania;
2008 – 2014 – President of Univeristy of Art and Design, Cluj Napoca, Romania;
2000 - 2008 Chancellor of University of Art and Design, Cluj-Napoca, Romania;

Scientific activity

Initiator of the mobility and pilot projects under the EU "Leonardo da Vinci" and the government program "Apart"; Conducting research projects in the NURC and CEEX;
Initiating collaborative projects with more than 80 Art Institutions in Europe and the U.S.
1999 Initiator and coordinator of the International Symposium "Painters, painting where to...", Cluj-Napoca, Romania;
2002 - 2009 Initiator and organizer of the Academy Fall "Europe Artium", Cluj-Napoca;
2003 ELIA Leadership Symposium Participation, organized by ELIA, ICFAD GETTY Institute, Los Angeles;
2004 Co-organizer of the conference "Brilliant" in Cluj-Napoca, in collaboration with the European League of Institutes of the Arts;
2005 Participation in Leadership Symposium London, organized by ELIA and ICFAD;
2006 Participation in organized ELIA biennial conference in Ghent, Belgium; 2006 Participation in Leadership Symposium
2007 organized by ELIA ELIA Hong Kong.

Specialized functions

Member of the Artists Union of Romania;
Member of I.A.A. - AIAP (International Association of Art - Association Internationale des Arts Plastiques);
Vice President of Branch Cluj U.A.P.
1997 - Vice President U.A.P. Romania.
Since 1998 - Member of the National Council of UAP
Since 1999 - President of the subsidiary Cluj U.A.P.
Since 2002 – Vicepresident  U.A.P. Romania.
Since 2002 – President of the UAP Forum provincial branches. Founding member of Rotary Romania, Governor of Rotary District 2241 Romania and Moldova in 2011-2012.

Solo exhibitions

Between 1975 and 2014 - more than 40 exhibitions at UAP galleries, museums in Cluj-Napoca and other cities.
Mentioned here:
2013 "Ash forest" Cluj Art Museum, Romania;
2009 "Syo / Workshop" Art Museum Cluj (with Tarohei Nakagawa);
2007 "Nature, Man and Work. Art that sets rules "along with the renowned German artist Markus Lüpertz, Contemporary Art Gallery of the National Museum Brukenthal;
2007 "Ash forest" Anaid Gallery, Bucharest;
2006 "Sbarciu/Pictura/2006" Palaces Cultural Center Brancovenesti - Mogosoaia;
2005 "The mystery of friendship" with the famous German painter Markus Lüpertz Museum of Art Cluj.


1992 Gallery "Giordi Boronat", Barcelona (Spain);
1992 Gallery "Guillen y Tresserre", Barcelona (Spain);
1993 Gallery "Koncerthusert", Malmö (Sweden);
1993 Gallery "A.B.F.", Malmo (Sweden);
1994 Gallery "Le Gout Du Temple", Nantes (France);
1994 Romanian Cultural Centre in Paris (France);
1995 Kunstation Kleinsassen, Fulda (Germany);
1997 Rathausgewolbe Gallery, Rothenburg / Tauber (Germany);
1998 Galerie im Altstadthof, Nuremberg (Germany);
1999 Gallery City of Heidelberg;
1999 Art Gallery of Bad Schonberg (Germany);
1999 Galerie im Altstadthof, Nuremberg (Germany);
2000 Gallery Hall of Manheim (Germany);
2003 Hall Gallery in Cologne (Germany);
2003 Museum of Etruscan Murlo (Italy);
2004 - 2006 open workshop, Delphi (Greece);
2004 Museum of Contemporary Art "A sign of peace" in Murlo (Italy);
2007 Romanian Institute of Culture and Humanistic Research, Venice (Italy); 2010 Gallery Tarohei Nakagawa, Tokyo (Japan).

Group exhibitions

Between 1973 - 2014 participates in all exhibitions organized by UAP – Cluj Branch.
Between 1975 and 2014 annual exhibit in numerous exhibitions organized by: UAP Romania, U.A.P. Branch, National Art Museum, Ministry of Culture Between 1975 - 2014 is the initiator and organizer of many group exhibitions at home and abroad.


1991 Gallery Le Druot, Paris (France);
1992 National Gallery of Art 1995 Chisinau (Republic of Moldova);
1993 Club Koncerthusert, Malmo (Sweden);
1994 Romanian Cultural Centre in Paris (France);
1994 Le Temple Du Gout, Nantes (France);
1995 Kunstation Kleinsassen, Fulda (Germany);
1996 Bund Deutscher Kunstler Baden - Wurttemberg EV - Kulturforum Auf der Galerie-West, Stuttgart (Germany);
1996 Rathausgewolbe, Simmern (Germany);
1996, 1998 open workshop, Würzburg (Germany);
1996 'KORPUS "Vasarely Muzeum, Kaposvar and Budapest (Hungary);
1998 Galerie im Altstadthof, Nuremberg (Germany);
1999 Rathausgewolbe Gallery Retzmann Gallery of Manheim (Germany);
1999 Gallery City of Heidelberg (Germany);
1999 Zurich (Switzerland);
2001 Municipal Art Gallery of Pecs and Budapest (Hungary);
2001 National Bank of the Netherlands in Amsterdam (Netherlands);  
2001 Institute of Fine Arts  "Saint-Luc" in Liege (Belgium);
2001 Museum of Contemporary Art Academy "Dino Scalabrino" in Montecatini (Italy);
2003 Ecole Superieure des Arts Decoratifs de Strasbourg - exhibition "La nuit video";
2003 Romanian Academy in Rome  - exhibition "Incontro of Rome" (Italy);
2003 Kaposvar, Budapest (Hungary);
2003 Foundation Meotte New York (USA);
2005 National Gallery in Prague - International Biennial of Contemporary Art Prague 2005 (Czech Republic);
2007 MKM Duisburg (Germany);
2008 "Under Natural Circumstances" MODEM Debrecen, Hungary;
2008 "Treasures of Cluj in Pecs" Party Gallery, Pecs, Hungary;
2008 "MOSS", Universidad del Pais Vasco, Bilbao, Spain;
2009 "MOSS", Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, Lethaby Gallery, London, UK; Britain;
2011 Academy Brera Gallery in Milan (Italy);
2011 Maimeri Fondazione Milan (Italy).
Between 1982 and 1998 runs (co) marble mosaic of 170 sqm on the State Archives building in Bistrita.
Included with works in collections of state and private museums in Romania, Germany, France, Switzerland, Holland, Belgium, Greece, Italy, Spain, England, Scotland, Hungary, Poland, Canada, USA, Argentina and Japan.

Participation in juries

1975 - 2011: Jury awards for the National Artistic Education; Jury awards national painting of UAP Romania.


New techniques in approaching the study of Color in Art Education (eligible project evaluated by 83 points in the competition CNCSIS 2004);
ARTECO - RESEARCH CENTER OF THE NATURE IMAGE (CNCSIS project submitted for competition in 2006);
MULTIMEDIA AND VISUAL ARTS CENTER (project approved under the TransIno, 2004);
Partnership for continuous training in cultural management, mobility projects, Leonardo da Vinci, 2002;
Center for Personal Continuing Education EArt Andrei NV - Phare 2000 - Economic and Social Cohesion, 2003;
Documentation center for Contemporary Art Erasmus mobility project, 2000 - 2005;
CYBER UNIVERSITY MUSEUM OF ART IN ROMANIA - Emart, the UAD project leader as partner, Grant CEEX, 2005 - 2008;
EUROPROFESIONALIZARE and quality assurance in Conservation and Restoration project placements, Leonardo da Vinci, 2005;
IDENTIFICATION AND TREATMENT EFFECT agents into the artistic components of historical buildings. Case Studies. Tra-art CEEX grant, 2006-2008;
Erasmus Thematic Network, INTER  ARTES, ELIA project coordinated by the European Commission.